Internet Round Up #1 – Youtube

Youtube logo

Oh YouTube. The corner of the internet where I spend the majority of my time while on my laptop.  I am subscribed to so many people right now, that if I miss two days, it takes me a solid 8+ hours to catch up. 140 subs and growing 😀

Someone once asked me if you could only have access to one site on the Internet for the rest of time, which one would you choose? My answer has been YouTube and probably will stay my answer for a long time. What other website do you have access to such diverse content? I can learn about the latest findings in space exploration, find advice on any topic, learn how to achieve the perfect smoky eye, laugh my butt off at some dare videos, watch the most extreme sports videos (think human skee ball), listen to all different genres of music, and be active in several communities that I genuinely care about.


Each week in Internet Round Up, I will have a link to a playlist of some of my favorite videos from the week, plus articles and other news from all over the Internet.  Some will be educational, others adorable, and some yet may leaving you gasping for air and wiping the tears from laughing so hard. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of the videos, any videos you liked from this week, channels I should follow, etc. Most importantly, tell me about the videos you would like to see! Depending on how this goes, I may split these up into categorized playlists but for now I like the grab bag. 🙂

*Make sure to give the videos a thumbs up if you like them!

Length – 62 minutes
Number of Videos – 12

Humor – Dare Sugg; Yoga Challenge; Squeezable Food Test; 8 Ways to Take a Compliment; Link is a Statue
Educational/Food for Thought – Tell them Hi For Me; The First Edible Bug Farm; Make Food, Not Lemons
Adorable – Games of Doges
Music – AJR – “I’m Ready” (This is the acoustic version and I like it better than the original version)
Epic – 151 Pokemon Impressions; Skateboarding on Water


4 thoughts on “Internet Round Up #1 – Youtube

  1. Aw thank you for commenting on my blog! And thank you again for sharing this amazing you tuber – he is def going to me my new british favourite replacing Charlieisocoollike (You know cause his videos are boring nowww)

    Marie from

    • cwolfram90 says:

      Haha I have a weakness for British Youtubers and they will be featured in some upcoming roundups.
      Charlie definitely turned pretty seriously the past year or so. I miss Challenge Charlie!

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