Breakfast Flatbread!

Hello everyone! This past week I have been loving Greek-style flatbread! It’s basically a round pita without the pocket and thinner. I have been putting EVERYTHING on them! I made a pizza with some marinated artichokes, roasted garlic, goat cheese and some spinach. I made another one with some plain greek yogurt, dill, cucumbers and some leftover grilled chicken. But my favorite was this breakfast flatbread I made!

Breakfast Flatbread

Yup…now I am hungry again. This was super quick and very easy to make! All you do is take your flatbread and mash 1/2 of an avocado on it (I find that using a fork is the easiest way to mash it). Then I poured on some salsa, maybe 1/3 of a cup. I quickly scrambled two eggs and cooked a couple of pieces of bacon. I layered the eggs on top of the salsa and then crumbled up the bacon on top. That’s it! Quick, easy, delicious and a good nutritious filling breakfast to get you ready for your day!
Have you experimented with flatbreads at all? What do you like to put on them? I hope you had a great day! πŸ™‚


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