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Hello everyone!!! I have missed you guys 🙂 I am finally back where there is functional Wi-Fi and I have a functioning laptop! My brother accidentally took my computer charger home with him from vacation and I just got it back today. Hello glorious laptop and proper internet! I have missed you dearly!
It took me a solid two days to catch up on all things YouTube after I got home from vacation. Luckily I had three days off from work before I went back so I had the time to get caught up, even if my phone took longer to buffer than it did to play all of the videos.
Today I wanted to cover my top Beauty channel picks from YouTube. I LOVE the beauty gurus on YouTube and I am always on the hunt for more awesome channels to follow so if you have some favorites that you don’t see listed here, make sure to leave them in the comments below. Feed my YouTube addiction 😀


In no particular order:

1. EssieButton – (link here)
Oh Estee. She is such a burst of positive energy and happiness and I absolutely adore her videos. She is originally from Canada and is currently living in England with her boyfriend Aslan. During all of her hauls and monthly favorites, I will always see at least one new product that I end up purchasing and, 9 times out of 10, loving. Estee has plenty of great tips and tricks and has many easy-to-replicate makeup and hair tutorials. She is bubbly, funny and someone you just want to hang out with!

2. Missglamorazzi (link here)
Ingrid is a down to earth girl and incredibly informative in her videos. I was just watching her Summer Date Look & Picnic Ideas video and there were little fact bubbles for all of the different products she used. They were either facts about the company or product or they were great tips such as putting your eye gel in the fridge for a great cooling sensation when you put it on! Ingrid’s channel is wonderful not only for her beauty and fashion videos, but also for her DIY and food videos!

3. Tanya Burr (link here)
Tanya Burr is one of the most bubbly and happy people I have ever seen on YouTube. I just want to hug her and have a movie night with her. She is also incredibly talented at creating different makeup looks and putting together some very fun outfits. Tanya recently launched her own line of makeup products – lip glosses and nail polishes. I still need to track them down and give them a test run. Tanya’s channel also has many non-beauty videos and I love watching her.

4. All Things Hair UK (link here)
I recently found this channel and it is AWESOME! The videos feature many of the most prominent beauty gurus from the UK including Estee (Essiebutton), Tanya Burr, Zoella, Ruth and many others. They have how to videos for every hair type and creating all different kinds of hair styles. Definitely a good one to subscribe to if you are looking for some hair inspiration!

5. Fleur DeForce (link here)
My wallet needs to hide everytime I watch one of Fleur’s videos. Her haul videos, monthly favorites, empties, etc. ALWAYS make me want to go purchase things! Her reviews are honest, funny and very informative. Also she is gorgeous and all of her get ready with me-type videos are just beautiful. Seriously, hide your credit cards and cash when you watch her videos.

6. Meghan Rienks/Meghan Rosette (link here)
Meghan is a bundle of energy and so much fun to watch. She has a more bohemian look and her get ready with me videos are so well done. She has a very quirky and fun personality and is unapologetically herself! Her makeup videos are amazing and I have learned a lot from watching her. I always feel happier and better about life after watching one of her videos.

7. ViviannaDoesMakeup (link here)
I love watching Anna because she posts lots of different kinds videos, including a new 101 series which she kicked off with Fake Tanning 101. She does her best to give you lots of tips and tricks – one of my favorite videos being Multi-Tasking Beauty Bits. Anna also posts lots of fashion videos and I really like her style.


Internet Round Up #4

Number of videos – 22
Total length – 2 hours 2 minutes (Yes I know it’s long. There were so many great videos the past few weeks!)

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite beauty channels on YouTube!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beauty Gurus on YouTube

    • englishbrkfstt says:

      I love Zoe! I forgot to put her on this list. I haven’t heard of Shaaanxo but I will check her out 🙂

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