Internet Round Up #7 – Ted Talks

Hello everyone! I come to you today from my formidable blanket fort! Today is my first real day off in a few weeks and I am enjoying every minute of it before I head back to the trenches tomorrow.


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading is a website where you can find videos covering just about any topic you could want! Many talks cover subjects that directly influence our lives today and what the future holds in videos from a few minutes long to over a half hour. TED talks can help us understand ourselves and others better, or simply entertain us, like one of my favorite talks, Mathemagic.

If you aren’t sure where to start or specific videos that you want to watch, TED has a wonderful playlist builder called Surprise Me where you can select one of eight adjectives, such as Inspirational or Jaw-dropping, that you would like the TED talks to be as well as how long you would like the playlist to be, from 5 to 60 minutes.

The TED website also has a list of popular playlists including 11 Must-See TED Talks, 5 Talks to Cheer you up on a Bad Day, How do we make Choices, and so many more. is one of the top sites that I go to when I need a boost, some intellectual stimulation or to be amazed by some new technology.

Internet Round Up #7

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